Comprehensive Health & Nutrition Classroom Materials for Elementary & Primary Schools

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Teach your students how to be healthy and make good choices through an online curriculum used by over 6.7 million students around the world.

The award-winning LearntobeHealthy.org, designed by health education experts at the Byrnes Health Education Center, is perfect for the elementary school classroom. Lessons meet national and state educational standards, are cross-curricular and documents are available in Spanish.

As a member, you have access to our new Virtual Classroom which includes a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows customizable curriculum, Pre/Posttest assessments and ability to track student last logins.

Our health and physical education lesson plans also meet Canadian education standards for Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.

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Detailed lessons focused around 6 health topics

Mental Health

Grades: K-3 | 4-6 | 7-9 | 10-12 Girl thinking

Students learn healthy decision making, positive self-esteem, respecting differences, dealing with stress, maintaining healthy relationships, online safety and bullying prevention.


Grades: 4-6 Boy and girl

Students learn the physical, social and emotional changes associated with puberty, individual development and good health habits.

Tobacco & Inhalants

Grades: 4-6 Lungs

Students learn the dangers of tobacco and inhalants, and the impact drugs have on the body.

Nutrition & Fitness

Grades: K-3 | 4-6 | 7-9 | 10-12 Fruit Bicycle

Students learn the importance of regular physical activity, eating healthy, and tracking their daily nutrition and physical activity and how it affects their overall mood, contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

The Five Senses

Grades: K-3 Five senses

Students learn about the five senses, and how the senses protect the body and enable discovery of the world we live in.

Dental Health

Grades: K-3 Teeth and toothbrush

Students learn the importance of dental hygiene and proper dental habits.

Other curriculum features

The program is based around six dynamic themes and meets state education standards for Health, Physical Education, Science, Library/Technology and Language Arts. Each program's customizable resources are targeted for specific grade levels with age-appropriate content that includes:

  • 9 to 17 Activities with Lesson Plans
  • Online Review Games
  • Pre and Post test
  • Family Practice Handouts
  • Activity Scripts and Printable Worksheets
  • Individual Health Log
  • Question Sheets/Answer Keys
  • Engaging Videos

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