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Whether you are a kid, teen, parent, teacher or community leader, LearntobeHealthy.org will help you ace nutrition health education! We aim to inspire children and their families to make healthy choices. We promote healthy lifestyle practices through fun, interactive nutrition health education games and activities for kids, teens and the community. LearntobeHealthy.org takes pride in being a leader in online resources for health education!

By teaching students the importance of the food pyramid, food labels and other nutrition-related topics, we enable them to make healthy nutrition choices on their own. Take the time to involve your children in choosing healthy snacks at the grocery store, at home and at school. For more ways to get your kids involved, join now for nutrition health education games and activities!

Nutrition Lesson Plans

The classroom is another great medium in which to educate students. Check out our nutrition health education lesson plans to get your class engaged in healthy decision making. Let LearntobeHealthy.org assist your classroom efforts in teaching students how to measure servings, the importance of eating a variety of healthy foods, the function of the digestive system, how to identify parts of food labels and the various food groups, and much more. To gain the interest of your students or to teach through interaction, play one of our exciting nutrition health education games or activities! Your students will have a blast while they learn about their nutrition and how to eat healthy!

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LearntobeHealthy.org is an online health education center designed to help educators and parents communicate important health and nutrition concepts to children and teens in grades K-12. The site promotes healthy lifestyle practices through fun, interactive games and activities. The goal of this health education website is to inspire students – and their families – to make healthy choices that will last a lifetime.