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Physical Health Education

The Byrnes Health Education Center, a recognized leader in the development of innovative, high quality, effective health education programs for students, understands the importance of health education. Getting students involved in nutrition health education is a great first step. However, although your students may be making healthy choices and eating a variety of nutrient-rich foods, it takes more than just eating healthy. Physical activity is also essential.

Physical health education is becoming a hot topic in today's society. In a world full of video games and indoor activities, it's tough to get children outside to exercise. Visit our physical health education lesson plans or our physical health education games and activities for fun ideas on how to motivate your kids to be physically active today!

Physical Education in the Classroom

In the classroom, let LearntobeHealthy.org guide your efforts in encouraging your students to be physically active through the use our physical health education lesson plans and physical health education games and activities. We offer a variety of lessons and activities on topics such as the body and its systems, benefits of physical activity, body image, self-esteem, body shape and size influences, as well as types of physical activity. Put your students in the driver's seat to help them find out just how important nutrition and physical activity are to keep their bodies performing their best.

About LearntobeHealthy.org

LearntobeHealthy.org is an online health education center designed to help teachers and parents communicate important health and physical fitness concepts to children and teens in grades K-12. The site promotes healthy lifestyle practices through fun, interactive games and activities. The goal of this health education website is to inspire students – and their families – to make healthy choices that will last a lifetime.

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