Creating Student Accounts


Once you’ve registered (for FREE) on www.LearntobeHealthy.org, your students can begin exploring the many user-friendly games and activities on the site.  Follow these simple steps below to be sure that your students can access LearntobeHealthy.org in the classroom, from the computer lab, or at home without going through the registration process.


To create a username and password for students:

  • Educator must log on
  • Click Manage Accounts from the red Member Options box
  • In the Manage Your Accounts box, click Add Account
  • Enter an Account Name (i.e. Period 1, Health Class)
  • Click Save
  • Your new account has been created.
  • Click Manage Accounts in the orange Member Options box

Your newly created account will be listed in the Manage Your Accounts box along with that account username and password.  The Username and Password are unique to this account.  Students will log on using this information.  They can do this from the homepage or For Students page.

Helpful hint:  Post the Username and Password on the chalkboard or somewhere in the room that students can easily see.

Location: York, PA

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It's About Health

It's About Health
Our goal is to inspire children, and their families, to make healthy choices that will last a lifetime.