LearntobeHealthy.org and Highmark Healthy High 5

January 11, 2007 - America’s childhood obesity epidemic stems from many root causes.  Among the most problematic: children lack basic fitness and nutrition knowledge, so they make poor choices that impair their long-term health.

Highmark Healthy High 5, an initiative of the Highmark Foundation, has partnered with the Susan P. Byrnes Health Education Center, to help combat obesity in Pennsylvania’s youth.  The goal of the partnership is to expand upon the Byrnes HEC’s e-Learning initiative, www.LearntobeHealthy.org, which in one year boasts a membership of over 12,000 people who are using the online health education teaching tools to positively impact today’s youth.

With the generous support of the Highmark Healthy High 5 initiative, the Byrnes Health Education Center will work to develop new games and activities for grades 7 – 9 over the next year.  The focus of the new eContent will be nutrition and physical activity.  The development of online curriculum and content for an older audience will mean using less cartoon animation and more edgy graphics, humor, interaction.  An online member community will be created where students can experience collaborative learning, interactive competition, and community blogs.

Be sure to check back often to get a preview of the exciting new eContent coming soon on LearntobeHealthy.org!

Location: York, PA


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It's About Health

It's About Health
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