LearntobeHealthy.org Launches Teen Site

LearntobeHealthy.org, a nationally recognized health education website, announced the launch of its new interactive content for teens at a kick-off event today. The site, developed by the Byrnes Health Education Center in York and made possible through funding from Highmark Healthy High 5, offers free interactive games, activities and lesson plans for teachers, students and parents.


The site was developed in response to an alarming trend-- the rate of overweight children and adolescents in the United States has nearly tripled in the last 20 years. With approximately 15 percent of those aged 12 to 19 considered to be overweight, the U.S. Center for Disease Control considers obesity to be a national epidemic.


LearntobeHealthy.org hopes to help reverse this disturbing trend by teaching teens to make healthy choices and incorporate physical activity into their daily routines. The site reaches out to teens in a medium they’re familiar with—using live action video of teen spokespersons, a cutting-edge design and interactive activities that inspire teens to get excited about health education. 


The site also offers ever-changing health tips, links to other online health resources and a personal journal area where teens can express themselves, post comments and participate in surveys and polls.


“With our elementary-level content on the Web site gaining a membership of more than 50,000 teachers, parents, and students worldwide, we were compelled to add an area specifically for teens. Statistics show teens are at great risk of becoming obese if they don’t learn proper eating and exercise habits, and our new site teaches these concepts in a fun and interactive way that any teen can enjoy,” says Marcia Meehan, President and CEO of the Byrnes Health Education Center.


Currently, the site hosts two educational kits— “Fuel Your Performance” for grades 7 through 9 and “What’s Your Balance?” for grades 10 through 12. Students in grades 7 through 9 can enjoy several interactive activities including “CFI- Calories, Fat (and more) Investigation,” where adolescents learn how important it is to read and understand food nutrition labels. Teens in grades 10 through 12 can navigate online body systems and help repair damage done by making healthy decisions in “Virtual Body Explorer.”


The new teen site, designed by JPL Productions in Harrisburg, is free with registration and will continue to add new content, lesson plans, activities and games to promote healthy choices among teens in Pennsylvania and throughout the world.


Source: Susan P. Byrnes Health Education Center

Location: York, PA

Author: Beeler Communications


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