Susan P. Byrnes Center Launches LearntobeHealthy.org

January 5, 2006 - To address critical health concerns and others, the Susan P. Byrnes Health Education Center (HEC), a non-profit organization in York, PA, launched LearntobeHealthy.org, a free, online, health education resource designed to help teachers communicate important health concepts to students in grades K-6. 

LearntobeHealthy.org includes lesson plans, interactive games, group and self-directed activities, assessment tests and supplemental material.  The program incorporates the Madeline Hunter Theory of Effective Instruction and meets both State and National Health and Technology Standards.

Each kit contains nine to eleven activities to introduce and/or reinforce concepts in five specific health science related topics:  The Five Senses, Tobacco and Inhalants, Adolescence, Dental Health, and Healthy Eating.  The material is presented in a variety of delivery methods to address diverse learning styles. Opportunities are provided to incorporate cross-curricular assignments in writing, math and science.

The Byrnes HEC was created through the conviction that education is the key to a healthier community. For more information, visit www.LearntobeHealthy.org or contact the Susan P. Byrnes HEC at www.byrneshec.com or 717.848.3064.

Source: Susan P. Byrnes Health Education Center (York, PA)

Location: York, PA

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It's About Health
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