Creating a Classroom Acount

Many teachers face the challenge of wanting students to log in and do activities, but don’t want to go through the process of having students become a member. Good news – you don’t need to!

You can have students log in through a classroom account that you create. Basically, a classroom account creates a brand new user name and password. Students use this username and PW to log into the kids site, where they can access only the games and activities - not the lesson plans and answer keys that are on the parent/teacher site.

To create a Username and Password for students:

Step # 1: Make sure you are logged on
Step # 2: Click Manage Accounts in the Member Options box on the right side of the screen
Step # 3: Enter an Account Name (i.e. Period 1, Health Class)
Step # 4: Enter the approximate number of students who will use that account
Step # 5: Click Save
Step # 6: Your new account has been created.

Your newly created account will be listed in the Manage Your Accounts box along with the account Username and Password.  The Username and Password are unique to this account. The password that is automatically generated by LearntobeHealthy will be a random mix of characters. You can change this password to another six-character word if you desire.

Now, simply have each student use the same username and account to log into either the Kids Site (for grades K-6) or the Teens Site (for grades 7-12). This is a great way to allow students to quickly and easily access all the fun, educational activities on LearntobeHealthy.org. If students would like to take advantage of the fantastic new health log, however, they will need to become a member with their own unique I.D.

Source: Susan P. Byrnes Health Education Center

Location: York, PA

Author: Dana M. Dorn

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It's About Health
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