Mental Health Activities now on LearntobeHealthy.org

In approaching health education, LearntobeHealthy covers all dimensions of health, including mental wellness. With the addition of the Life on Demand kit for grades 7–9, LearntobeHealthy.org hopes to improve teens’ physical wellness through mental wellness. 

The activities found in Life on Demand take students through a day in the life of a teen, including the stress adolescents typically experience, bullying scenarios they may encounter in school or when hanging out with friends, and more. The kit meets state and national health-education standards.

Topics addressed include stress, bullying?both in person and in cyberspace, respect, self esteem, healthy decision making, and communication. There also will be a “Survival Kit” of information related to common mental illnesses, plus helpful tips. This kit includes 10 activities, including pre- and post-assessment tests.

Kit activities include:
1. Pre Test
2. All Stressed Out? ? Identifying Stressors
3. Don’t Sweat It ? Coping With Stress
4. Cyber Reality Check ? Exploring Online Resources
5. I’m Just Playing ? Bullying Prevention
6. World Wide: What’s Up? ? Diversity and Acceptance
7. I’m A Survivor ? Mental Health Survival Kit
8. What Would You Do? ? Healthy Decision Making
9. Free Your Mind ? Lesson Review Game
10.  Post Test

LearntobeHealthy.org will be launching mental-health curriculum for students in grades K–6 and 10–12 later this year.

Source: Susan P. Byrnes Health Education Center

Location: York, PA

Author: Dana Dorn


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