New Mental Health Curriculum for K - 3 Added to LearntobeHealthy.org

A brand new suite of activities (kit) has been added to the offerings on LearntobeHealthy.org. The mental health curriculum, “Seaing” Me for Me, is designed to teach students in grades K through 3 the importance of healthy decision making, positive self-esteem, and accepting themselves and those around them for who they are. This fun, underwater adventure is guided by Scuba Sam and his sidekick Pozzi T (which stands for Positive Turtle).

As with all health education games, activities and supplemental materials found on the Byrnes Health Education Center’s eLearning site, those found in “Seaing” Me for Me are aligned to Pennsylvania and National Health Education Standards.

There are 8 activities in the kit,and for the first time the site is encouraging collaborative learning around the globe. The activity titled Cyber Simon instructs students to print off an image of Simon. Students then decorate it to include their national or state flag, traditions that keep them healthy, and what makes them unique. Through the use of NICENET.org, teachers can connect with other teachers around the world who are doing the same activity. Educators can exchange projects, giving students the opportunity to connect with and learn about other cultures. For more details including the entire lesson plan, check out the new kit here at LearntobeHealthy.org!

Source: Byrnes Health Education Center

Location: York, PA

Author: Dana M. Dorn


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