Evaluation Opportunity for Pennsylvania Teachers and Community Organizations

The Susan P. Byrnes Health Education Center has designed all activities on LearntobeHealthy.org with national and state education standards in mind.  The goal is for students to retain knowledge and begin to make behavioral changes with respect to healthy choices.  During the 10/11 school year, we will be partnering with classroom teachers and non-profit organizations to evaluate the effectiveness of the new mental health activities on the site. Educators will be asked to measure students’ knowledge gained and changes in behavioral intent through online pretests and posttests. Teachers and childcare providers will be instructed on the use of these online survey tools and asked to make observational reports of their students’ choices and behaviors periodically.

Those who are selected to participate will receive a $200 gift card for the purchase of classroom supplies and other educational tools.

Following are the eligibility criteria:

  • Students must reside in the State of Pennsylvania
  • Minimum number of children per adult is 20
  • You must be able to complete at least one entire kit
  • All activities must be done in sequential order
  • Lesson plans and activity guides must be followed as closely as possible
  • Pretests and posttests must be correctly administered through online tools
  • A final survey must be completed by the adult adminstering the activities

If you meet the criteria above, and are interested in being part of the study, please contact us at info@learntobehealthy.org and put "evaluation" in the subject line.

Source: Susan P. Byrnes Health Education Center

Location: York, PA

Author: Dana M. Dorn

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It's About Health

It's About Health
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