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Have you discovered a new, innovative way to reach students with the message of healthy living? Or wondered how others are using the tools on LearntobeHealthy.org? Check out the information exchange area on the site where you can post your experiences on what works best to facilitate better health in your home and school. Share your thoughts, gather new ideas from others, and continue the quest to a healthy lifestyle!  We want to hear from you, so please tell us your story today!

  • Recipes: Share your family’s favorite healthy recipe – or try someone else’s!
  • Exercise Tips: Discuss workout tips and how you keep your family or class on track.
  • Talk with Kids: Share ideas for talking to your kids about health or using online tools to help.
  • Links: Want to know more? Check out helpful links.


Source: Byrnes Health Education Center

Location: York, PA

Author: Dana M. Dorn


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It's About Health

It's About Health
Our goal is to inspire children, and their families, to make healthy choices that will last a lifetime.