LearntobeHealthy.org Launches New Premium Bullying Prevention Activities


LearntobeHealthy.org, an eLearning tool of the Susan P. Byrnes Health Education Center, is launching two powerful new bullying prevention activities for their Premium Members. This Has to Stop, for 7th-12th graders, and Step Right Up, for 4th-6th graders - empower students with the knowledge and skills to progress from complacent bystanders to individuals who can help stop bullying.   Both activities include lesson plans, worksheets, and supplemental materials to enhance each lesson for teachers delivering this topic to students.   

Step Right Up is an animated activity which takes students on a virtual field trip to the carnival. On the bus ride to the carnival, the students are presented with bullying scenarios. Students must choose whether to Support, Report, Stand Up, or do nothing in each scenario.   At the end of the scenario, students have the option to play three carnival games that test their bullying prevention knowledge.
This Has to Stop is a live-action video where students are faced with three scenarios where bullying occurs including a school locker room, cafeteria and hallway. In these three scenarios, students must choose whether to Support, Report, Stand Up, or do nothing in the bullying situations. Each option has a potential consequence that could play out in real life and the perspective of each individual involved in the situation is presented for students doing the activity.
Learntobehealthy.org is hoping to make students aware of the effects of bullying and the consequences that could happen when bullying takes place.



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