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LearntobeHealthy.org Launches Teen Site

LearntobeHealthy.org, a nationally recognized health education website, announced the launch of its new interactive content for teens at a kick-off event today. The site, developed by the Byrnes Health Education Center in York and made possible through funding from Highmark Healthy High 5, offers free interactive games, activities and lesson plans for teachers, students and parents.


LearntobeHealthy.org Receives Award for Dental Activities

The Susan P. Byrnes Health Education Center’s eLearning initiative, LearntobeHealthy.org, has been named recipient of the 2007 DENTSPLY/Harold Slavkin Oral Health Science Education Award. This award is given to a K–12 teacher who has demonstrated creative, innovative use of science curricula to teach oral health and to impart excitement about oral health and oral-health research.


LearntobeHealthy.org wins World Wide Web Health Award

LearntobeHealthy.org received the silver award for the World Wide Web Health Awards in the category of Health Promotion/Disease & Injury Prevention.


LearntobeHealthy.org and Highmark Healthy High 5

With the generous support of the Highmark Healthy High 5, an initiative of the Highmark Foundation, LearntobeHealthy.org will work to develop new games and activities for grades 7 9 over the next year.  

It's About Health

It's About Health
Our goal is to inspire children, and their families, to make healthy choices that will last a lifetime.