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Empower your students to make healthy lifestyle choices. An annual membership gives you access to lesson plans, interactive games and activities, worksheets and more. Each kit can be adapted for instructor-led groups, small breakout sessions or individual learning.

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  • Efficient - cost effective, time saving & cross-curricular

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    Premium Membership
My Health Log An interactive log to monitor the foods you eat, your physical activity, your moods and your goals. Included
Healthy Resources Great resources to help Educators and Families discuss ideas with students on what it takes to make healthy lifestyle choices. Included
Health Education Kits A group of activities focused on specific health topics that include lesson plans, pretests and posttests, interactive games, and many other supporting documents. Included
Interactive Activities   Included
Lesson Plans   Included
Pretests & Posttests   Included
WebQuests   Included
Family Activities   Included
Classroom & Family Accounts These accounts give students/children their own usernames and passwords so they can access the Kids or Teens sites without having to register on their own. Included
eNewsletters Hear about all of the great new things happening on LearntobeHealthy.org! Included
Health Education Premium Videos These engaging and interactive educational videos feature educators from the Byrnes Health Education Center and extend the learning of our Health Education Kits. Included
Interactive Videos   Included
Lesson Plans & Activities   Included
Supplemental Worksheets   Included
Activity Scripts   Included
Large Group Premium Activities Groups can join in the fun through interactive activities and answering questions designed to get everyone up and moving. Included
Interactive Activities   Included
Lesson Plans   Included
Supplemental Worksheets   Included
Activity Scripts   Included
Store Discounts Enjoy members-only discounts for educational products and fun items in our online store! Included

“Excellent Source for Student Health Science Activities”

“LearntobeHealthy.org is an excellent source for student health science activities. Teachers in Dallastown Area School District are starting to use this site on a regular basis as a source for instructional materials and activities. It is a high powered site that permits members of my instructional staff to teach health and science effectively to our students.”

-Stewart Weinberg, Ph.D.
Former PA Superintendent