Health Log

Sneak Peak

"Journaling", or tracking food intake, is a great way to maintain a healthy weight and monitor overall fitness. LearntobeHealthy.org has created a fun, interactive Health Log to enable all our users to not only track foods and beverages consumed, but also physical activity, mood and other accomplishments. The Health Log offers a variety of resources including a serving size and food group guide, to help users make the most of their Health Log. Start yours today!

Keep Track

Use the What I Ate tool to make sure you are getting the right amounts of key food groups. You can also use the Exercise Tracker to record your time spent exercising.

Set Your Mood

The My Mood tool allows you to select what kind of mood you are in plus you can change the music using the My Play List selector.

Record Thoughts

Capture important thoughts of the day by using the My Random Thoughts tool.

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