What We Offer

We have everything needed to easily implement health education in the classroom. Our collection of kits includes web-based health science education activities with accompanying lesson plans, supplemental worksheets and paper-based activities.

These materials can be utilized in the classroom, in after-school programs, in community centers and at home.

Each Online Kit Includes:

  • 9 to 17 related activities with lesson plans
  • supplemental materials including:
  • answer keys
  • a review game
  • family practice handouts
  • activity scripts
  • a pretest and posttest
  • documents available in Spanish

Incorporating Lessons Into The Classroom

The activities found in each online kit can be used to introduce and/or reinforce concepts taught. There are a variety of delivery methods:

  • instructor-led
  • individual
  • large group or small group

Educators can use a single activity or incorporate as many activities as they'd like into their instruction. Each lesson is adaptable for a variety of learning styles.

Activities can be used for:

  • in-class instruction
  • indoor recess or physical education class
  • character development
  • homework assignments

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