Sample Lessons

LearntobeHealthy has everything you need to easily implement health lessons for grades PreK-12. A LearntobeHealthy membership includes teacher and student licenses to access a personalized, interactive Health Log, over 142 lesson plans and activities for 7 health topics and all 13 of our eLearning Kits. Each eLearning kit includes 9 to 17 related activities that have accompanying lesson plans, answer keys and supplementary materials (documents available in Spanish). Check out our sample activities for each grade level. What are you waiting for? Sign up for a LearntobeHealthy membership to access our compressive health curriculum.

  • K-3 Dental Health: Decay No Way! eLearning Kit

    Activity: Tick Tac Teeth

    Get ready to put your dental health knowledge to the test! In this activity, Sheriff Tex Tooth, his horse Paste, and the Sugar Gang will be reviewing the concepts that have been covered in the Decay? No Way! eLearning Kit©. After an explanation of how the game is played, Sheriff will introduce the players who will be participating. Let the games begin!

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  • 4-6 Mental Health: The Power of Me eLearning Kit

    Activity: Stealth Health Carnival

    Get ready to help your friends make healthy decisions at the carnival! In this animated activity, students will take a ride on the Stealth Health Rollercoaster where they will hear five scenarios to learn all about the importance of healthy decision making, positive self-esteem and respecting others.

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  • 7-9 Substance Abuse: Drugs: Shattering the Myths eLearning Kit

    Activity: Review Game

    This Jeopardy-style game challenges students by reviewing concepts covered in the Drugs: Shattering the Myths eLearning Kit©. Students will navigate through the activity to answer twenty multiple choice questions.

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  • 10-12 Mental Health: Face the Music eLearning Kit

    Activity: My Stress

    Stress at home, stress at school, stress throughout day… when does it end? You will find out first hand that you are not alone – stress is normal and everyone experiences it to some degree. In this interactive activity, you will find out what exactly stress is, how it effects the body, and how to manage it. You will then identify stressors in your life and IM, or instant message, what you would do to take steps to deal with the stressors.

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